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17 August 2006


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I actually have some of these that I bought when on a holiday to the US. I love them - just the feel of the old fabric is a delight.

Yeah a rag rug that was my first thought, but you are right there is so much work in this little ball it is a piece of art!

I remember those being around when I was just a kid. My mother never crocheted with them, but I must of seen them somewhere or other.

Now, I'm going to be plagued all day trying to figure out who had them around!! Memory lane isn't as clear as it once was for me.

Whoever made that during the Depression certainly knew how to not waste anything.

Sometimes it is in the humble things in life that we must see the complex beauty and meaning.

My grandmother had these. She made rugs from them. Her hands were always busy making beautiful things and cooking delicious food.

It is art! I had never seen one of these, thank you for sharing!

oh yes that reminds me of the portuguese rug blankets called "manta de farrapos" originally from the south don't know if you know them. We always had one for summer times at home :)

Corey, I started a new blog about and for artists it's called "In the mood for ARTE" come have a look at it http://intemoodforarte.wordpress.com

It certainly deserves honor, as does the artistic soul, who never knew she was an artist, who scavenged every piece of life to create beauty and comfort. I love it.

An artwork - just like you. How wonderful that it found its way to such an understanding soul!

Beautiful colours and it looks very soft.

Wonderful story..wonderful object! And it's pink too. So many lives wrapped up in one ball of rags. Will customs let you take this back? I did a memory post today too, but sillier...

I love taking fabric and cutting it into thin strips. I made a small mat this past summer and learned that it takes a LOT of fabric strips to make one small mat but the results are so satisfying.

Looking at the ball close-up I can see interesting patterns and colours, how wonderful for you to see it as art itself. Sometimes the object is worth preserving, everyday things we take for-granted if to look closer can be beautiful.

such a beautiful post corey - i love the way you see life...
and this - '...aprons soiled beyond lemon and sunshine.' - pure poetry.

yes... it IS the simple things in life that have such pure beauty . Another lovely lovely picture... both the picture and the fabric ball are pieces of art !!

Oh it is lovely! and wouldnt it make a lovely little bow on a wrapped vintage gift!

This is one of my favorite posts ever! You choose to take such a unique view of things, Corey... you are a gem!

I learn something from you almost everyday, and believe it or not, your words help me on my path to being the best 'me' I can be.

A day when you aren't open enough to learn something new, is a dull day indeed!

I know that a rag rug looks beautiful, but have you ever tried it? I did a small one and it was so mundane and boring, yet so lovely to use Gwennys old clothes.

It's gorgeous - how wonderful that it ended up with YOU to be appreciated !

Please see http://www.mangomoonyarns.com/index.html

Hi Corey,

what a wonderful post!
It instantaneously reminded me of the ThreadProject:


where they collected threads to weave carpets "with a meaning". People from all over the world sent them pieces of threads that were in a way special to them; shoe laces of their children, wrist bands, pieces of shirts, threads drilled of hair...
I simply liked the thought of it. Quite magical, those carpets...

Nothing is ever wasted. Busy hands worked to create this. I wonder what she(or he) was going to make?

i love that mudane, simple things are repurposed into something completely different...it takes an artist's eye to regard that rag ball as a work of art>>>& you are artistic, in your words & images!
mary ann xo

this is adorable!

Simple but interesting, very feminine I would think.

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