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23 July 2006


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And part of this secret is giving yourself the time to see beaty. Another heartfelt thank from the deepest of my heart Corey for your photo and words.

What beautiful color Corey. Did you edit this? Just gorgeous.

So very true. Thank you for the reminder!

Corey, the photo and your words are gorgeous! A timely reminder that we must enjoy every moment NOW, not fret about tomorrow.

what a fabulous photo. I have seen many sun flowers, but not in this stage. oh i must go gaze upon it again.

Hi Corey,
Lovely words and photo, so very true.

That's an amazing photo... such beautiful colour... wonderful!
take care, gracia

so true... thank you for the reminder... wonderful picture for wonderful words.

However did you do that? Catching that sunflower at just the right time (oh and knowing sunflowers did you stand on a ladder to capture this moment in time?).


this is a beautiful image perfectly paired with your words. What a lovely gift to receive on a Sunday morning.

Tha Sunflower is beautiful, I've never seen one unfolding before how amazing! Love your words for today 'not stealing the beauty of tomorrow by robbing today'...so often we get caught up in worrying about tomorrow when today is being neglected.

Corey a most amazing photo!
How did you get that blue cast to this photo! Great
capture and the prose thought provoking!

I've never seen a sunflower that looked like that! Amazing

what a great photo, so beautiful.
"The secret is not stealing the beauty of tomorrow by robbing today", love this line.

I love this photograph! That one single petal opened up with the hope and potential of others to follow knowing the end result will be full blown beauty and yet enjoying the beauty of the one - fascinating. Thank you for sharing this.

Gorgeous photo...and I love your take on "thief." :)


I saw your prolile, & I'm a french girl, who speaks english to find a job into american scrapbooking.

& all of your compatriots help me a lot!

& as my granny came from a foreign country to marry my grandpa in France, I know how it could be difficult to be between 2 countries & 2 cultures.

have a good day!

beautiful blog!

So, so beautiful...thank you for this!

As always such a lovely photo. You can't rush beauty.


This reminds me of the story of the child who tried to "help" a butterfly unfold and dry off and it died as a result. Nature can't be rushed. Thank you for the beautiful photo and words.

An amazing picture! Your pictures are beautiful and amazing in general. I really hope you'll publish a book of poetry and pictures someday.

This is a wonderful photo, because it is an aluring curiosity until you realize what it depicts, and then it is filled with charm! Great thought on the theme!

Terrific photo, Corey, and your words fit so perfectly with it. I've never seen a sunflower look like this, either. Interesting.

What a beautiful photo!! I love your spin of the topic, it is a great reminder!

Awesome & true.

fantastic picture. Apt words. A great reminder of the importance of each tiny moment irrespective of how small it may seemingly be.

Trust you, Corey, to say so much with so few words. Beautiful, touching and very true - the photo as well as the words.

Beautifully said and photographed. Thanks for making this day brighter.

This may be one of my favorite posts of yours so far! Those words are perfect. Just perfect. They should be on a greeting card, or something.


"unfolding". Now there's a word to stay with me all day.
Thankyou C.

what a moment in time to capture so beautifully...
thank you !

hi corey.
a succulent photo...of possibilities, of patience, of the pay-off!

sweet Corey...thank you for these words and gorgeous sunflower. A flower that opens to the light and follows the sun's track across the sky. I needed this reminder today. Bless You!

this image, these words are captivating.... i can't stop looking at them! you have such a strong connection wit what matters in this life. thanks for bringing it into the foreground with such stunning beauty.

"carpe diem" is what came to mind...

simple, yet powerful post. thank you for sharing corey!

:) mary ann xo

Sooooooooooo wise! I guess I am going to copy that and have it in front of me all day.....:)
The picture is gorgeous!

how beautiful! I love it.

Oh my...I've rarely seen something so splendidly beautiful...

Oh WOW! I love the photo and the quote. I am growing sunflowers at the moment and am waiting patiently for them to blossom.

beautiful words, wonderful reminder. I love how you do that. Love the sunflower.

Stunning image and words...

Perfect! Thank you for the reminder...

I've never seen a sunflower in that phase... and it looks like it is sticking it's tongue out at you......lol Beautiful!

This is such an incredible image!

What a wonderful photo!

When I saw you write to Olivia, I wanted to come and see your blog. It's wonderful in so many dimensions. This photo of the sunflower is simply beautiful.

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