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31 July 2006


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Guess they are having a wonderful time.
And what do your mother and her girls do?

:) I had a motorcycle, when I was 17......I loved it!

Magnificent set-up: full of charm and humour! Usually hen men are men and motorbikes are big and the equippement is very leather, black and full of nits I feelscared. But this gang seems absolutely loveable!

And your way of bringing the words and photoes is not less loveable!

So sweet. Sacha seems to have adapted to life in small town america very well doesn't he? Will his heart be broken when he has to return? What wonderful memories he will have.

Sounds as if these past days have been long and sweet and full of memories. Hope you are all having wonderful times.


so what do the gals do when the boys go out to play?

There is something about the male mind, that we as women just can't fathom. Lovely photos and the story is amazing. I hope they have a wonderful time. What do you girls do while the boys play?

Family traditions are fabulous!
Long may they live!

Oh what fun! Love your post, the photos and humour!

Oh, this made me smile for a couple of reasons....1) because I learned to drive on a Honda 90 (not with a family member...a childhood friend's father bought her one when we were in 8th grade...she lived outside the city limits and we'd ride it into the woods)...and 2) because, well, the whole Portugese thing. What is it about Portugese cousins?? My father and his peers still hold gatherings...and still refer to themselves as "the first cousins." :)

This post has me smiling from ear to ear! Love the sequence and the words OF COURSE I can hear those dudes whooping it up! and the photo of Sacha in 'training' oh my! now that's a boy after his pappys heart! I so hope that someday he will have the thrill of joining in! xo

c'est adorable!

that kinda makes me want to be a portugese male...what fun!

Am sending this to my Pa!

Looks like a lot of fun!

wow! That's a lot of guys to keep track of!

It must be a fun experience. I can see how Sasha would want to go. Oh he is growing up so fast!



Traditions that memories are built upon!

How cool is that! My husband just got his first Harley this year so I can relate. He also has a jeep that he rides through the dust & dirt.


This is absolutely the BEST. Your dad must be a total riot not to mention the other men of the family. Too bad Jan can't go or can he be counted as an unofficial blood relative????

wonderful corey. what fun that must be for all of the boys....

This is what I call REAL motorcycling. Anyone can do it on large trailies - and I bet this is so much more fun!

how FUN is that! makes me wish I was a Portuguese man! - well, almost ;)

Oh man, that sounds like FUN! So what do you girls do while the boys are on the road?

sounds like crazy fun.
i have all this to come i'm sure when my boys are a few years older!!!
oh, no!

Too funny,,,,knowing these men my whole life, it makes me laugh out loud at how tough (on a Honda 90, LOL)they are trying to be,,,what fun and memories to last a lifetime.

Well boys will be boys..
I love that little dice on the spokes. Sounds like the CA Grand Tour :)

Yes I too was going to mention "what in the world are these serious bikers doing on little hondas? LOL! Now I'm really laughing! too funny!

sounds like great fun...well, that is if you're one of the boys--it's not really but my ally.

i once had a friend who started an italian-american club. i was always jealous that i didn't get to hang out with them because well, i didn't qualify...

Bravo, Portuguese Brotherhood of Honda riders!! This post is chockfull of joie de vivre.

(I just came back from the local Portuguese bakery with a sack of pada rolls, my favorite)


HOW MUCH FUN!!!!! Wishing I was a male with a Honda 90, but I can't do anything about it I guess....Oh yes, I am not blood to your dad, or portugese.....^*&^*&$&(

How beautifully documented, and My! What a lot of them there are. Tee hee.

What a wonderful bit of writing, Corey. I love it!!

This is great. My youngest brother seems to be starting a motorcycle tradition with his boys and our nephews. It's good male bonding.

This looks so much fun, have you ever wanted to be a boy? :)

What fun!!!! I wanna ride! No girls allowed???? But....

I can just feel the adrenalyn building for these guys!

these dudes ROCK n ROLL!

How COOL is your dad!!!! You must be so proud of him!

How COOL is your dad!!!! You must be so proud of him!

Love the pics, Coery!!
What wonderful memories for all those cousins! I do know that one of them comes home exhausted!! But he is already looking forward to next year!

Revin' it up!

Hi Corey,

That's the funniest scene ever, it really made me laugh out loud.

I don't know which part I liked most... the little dice on the tyre inflator valve or the t-shirts.

Cheers, Louise

The Amaro "girl-cousins" finally began organizing an annual trip of our own. Last year we gathered in Mendocino and this year we go to Ferndale, Ca. Tons of family memories, laughs, antiquing and shell seeking. What a great family!

that is the bike i rode when i was a teenager...hill jumpin in texas...too...too funny...almost makes you want to be a man...just to go on this trip...one of my nicknames is fearless annie...i have been known to take just a few risks in my life...xo

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This is a MOTOR-BIKE and not a motorcycle adventure. Kidding aside, we are also conducting this kind of event in our country. But we did this for a cause.

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