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17 July 2006


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Ahh, the memory of times I've camped on a beach with my husband, lulled by the Pacific tidal waves. Happiness.


OH that's beautiful, Corey. You've found heaven!


oh my, you have just described paradise...


You really make the best of life...how wonderful.

Take care,


I love the way you capture the moments:-) Keep on!

Shannon L

No other heaven is more heavenly :)


That's my favorite too - listening to the waves of the Pacific next to my soul-mate. (We visit the Oregon coast occasionally)


Silk sheets in a tent on the beach -- Corey, you really know how to live!!!


Beach camping is a dream. My favorite places are around Bodega Bay and north. And, always, Big Sur. Beautiful and loving picture of you and Yann. Chelsea has your eye.


gosh -
from spices to spicy your photos are mesmerizing.


me and mine were apart this weekend. he golfing - me doing other things. he said to me - that room just did not feel right without you there. I do love being between his heartbeat and the sheets. what a beautiful sentiment


what a beautiful photo and words that describe true happiness! the falling asleep with the heartbeat of the one you love is the best way to fall asleep...


Stars, a heart beating and a blue sheet...yes, I have always thought that love is blue.....


There is so much beauty in knowing...and sharing a history together...

This is just so pretty...


And those are the same stars you see in France, the beauty follows you just as love does...

la vie en rose

you take silk sheets camping???? now why didn't i think of that???


i wrote you a long post last night ,but when i sent it it disappeared.I think im having computer problems =<

how long will you be stateside??



ok... i could get into camping with antique silk satin sheets... way to go girl!


Ohh..how romantic and sweet. Enjoying life to the full, that's the way to live!!


baptized by the beauty you know so well... ahhh l'amour - c'est magnifique!

andrea edwards

Love the imagery this post created...silk sheets, fish over a fire, the sound of the beach...perfect!

Carolyn Davis

I take sheets camping, but never Silk sheets, you are a wonder to behold. You have put me at Mendocino camping once again with family. What wonderful memories. Carolyn


Silk sheets camping!! I think you have become all together French! LOL. That is my kind of camping. ;)



oh corey...

this is a daydream in itself. a dream, dreamt with open eyes and an open heart.

and more beautiful, is knowing that it is yours. and ever so real.


What a feast of senses, the sound of the waves, the smell of the fish grilling and of the pines, the feel of the satin sheets - wonderful!

simple me

Stunning image...stunning words.
you are beauty on earth


Silk sheets on a camping trip? That's true style. How lucky to be near Mendocino, close to the Pacific. I'm happy for you!

mary ann

that is so wonderfully you!
xo, mary ann

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