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20 June 2006


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Everything happens for a reason and I walk on my path with faith and joy. I will always hold an extended hand, mainly my Dave's hand. Hope you are having fun!
The pudgy ankles and painted toes are priceless :)

excellent job, Corey! what adorable baby feet. :)

Those are the cutest little roly poly feet with glam pink nails ever!

Oh my gosh! Those are sooo adorable!! Great post. May be one of my all time favs from you, actually. Not only for the God-love-'em tootsies, but for the words.

We are all just babies walking this path. And I do hold on to a hand... I can't see it, but I can feel it. ;)


yup... I hold onto hands and they hold onto me.. good post... for a stressful day... going to get re-focused !! Love the pink nail polished baby toes !

each path is so unique isn't it? these little feeties are adorable and I am sure they will take her far!

So so adorable. I want to give her squishy hugs and kisses and squeal with delight.

Oh thank you for these photos!

i remember my mom pretending to nibble my little sister's toes and my little sister giggling with delight... this also brought back memories of my sister's rapt attention as my mom wiggled each toe and recited:
this little piggy went to market
this little piggy stayed home
this little piggy had roast beef
this little piggy had none
this little piggy went wee wee wee
all the way home!

Oh, baby feet! I love the way your pictures and writing connect. Good questions, ones that speak to my soul today.

It's Baby Cake! That name makes me think of the fish you left behind for Frenchhusband -- Baby Tooth and Sweet Lips. Regarding your posts from Willows, I'll quote you from an e-mail sent to me, "Je like 'em!" Molly by golly! Hope to see you soon.

These feet look scrumptious!

Those chubby little baby's feet are too precious! And your post is lovely - similar vein to our One Deep Breath theme of "Pathways." Beautiful, Corey!

How adorbale. It is so amazing to look at a little one's feet and think of all of the places they will go.

I love the painted toes tooo cute!

Gorgeous chubby baby feet, makes me nostalgic already.

I do believe everything has it's reason...

I walk alone.

Sometimes I look for a hand.

Sometimes, I skip down the path wearing bright pink polish that has tiny flowers painted on.

And sometimes ... I wear flip flops.

Adorable little peteys at we call them. I just took a similiar picture of my sweet DD's the other day. Beautiful!

Step by step, by the way,
Our beautiful yard stairs,
Is now finished today,
Et en plus, ca me plait!
Ouais !!!

Oh those precious little toes melt my heart away.............

Love to love and you will love to live!
Happiness we must make our own in this life!
Love you Sugar Plum!
Love Jeanne ^j^

love those chubby legs and chubby toes. delicious!

Aaaw...such pretty lil' feet! Like her pink toes, too! Sometimes I'm confident to walk on my own and other times, I'm thankful to hold on to someone's hand.

Oh. My. God. How adorably, deliciously cute!! You can't beat chubby baby feet with pink polish.

i bet the toes were also painted while sleeping! adorable!

Oh my goodness those feet are so cute and yummy. Did her auntie piant her toes?
So sweet.

Corey the baby feet are adorable!! I thought I was the only one who takes photos of baby feet! The steps I choose are always to walk forward NEVER to look back..just like a frog!! I cannot change the past but oh I certainly can the future!! One step at a time daily.

They are the cutest little feet, all done up with polish.....and what your wrote is beautiful.....

Great thoughts, Corey; great questions to ponder. And these little rolly feet have made me laugh outloud. Thank you!!


Now you just need to add a haiku and you will have a perfect post for One Deep Breath :)
The photos are adorible!

Oh, wow! Those little fat feet are so precious! What wonderful pictures!

wonderful shot. Walking with baby steps toward eternity.. love it! Hope your time away is nourishing your spirit!

Adorable chubby little feet and pretty pink toenails. She's a style maven already.

What precious chubby little feet! I hope her feet find all the right steps that lead to happiness!

I walk one step at a time with the knowledge and peace that my sovereign God has ordered my steps..and I can trust Him....no matter what.
Those chub-o-rama feet!!!! So cute! Adorable photo! Worth the work!

oh, you can tell that little chubster is loved from head to toe....beautiful.

baby steps.. thank you for reminding me that my feet are still growing, and not to expect so much of myself.

those are some seriously cute "piggies"

Love those toes!

I'd follow those "petons" anywhere! C'est trop mignon. You should submit this photo in some kind of contest, it is really excellent.

And yes, I do believe that everything has a reason.

Sometimes I stride confidently, sometimes I stumble and when I do I know The Bear is always there, with a hand for me to hang on to.

how absolutely amazingly cutie and chubby this photo is. not to mention truly painted perfectly! darling! i hold my children's hands and they hold mine, the other hand we hold with my husband and he ours. it is a circle!
love and hugs, susan
p.s. got your email. ..... NO worries dear! enjoy!

Love the cute feet and painted toes wow!! Trusting that our paths will lead somewhere, learning from the past and moving forward with confidence. Not always easy but it's sure a fun adventure to walk it.

Awww what cute little fat legs and ickle feet and even with nail colors on them. Gorgeous! Give your niece a kiss from the German woman please!

Painted toes!!!! I love them, she really will love these pictures later......:)

ummmmmmmm.......I guess I have to try and paint mine....

what amy rue said. definitely the smile of my day.

My niece is a butterball; she has rolls on rolls of sweetness and charm! Her mother,(my sister in law) was holding her hands, those little piggies, those chubby feet, would not stay still for a blink of an eye! I must have taken eighty shots to have three that weren't a complete blur! Thank you for loving her tootsies!

OMG I am in love:) is there anything as cute as baby feet????? I don't think so..........

These sweet little "twinkle toes" baby feet and post made my day Corey! Nothing cuter and more endearing than little feet setting off to explore the world.

Absolutely adore babies feet. So cute!
Paula :)

ok - those are so adorable especially with the nail polish! I think I'm not alone either. ;-)

just look at those little painted nails!

just look at those little painted nails!

Oh Corey! ~ how adorable are those boochzy booczee legs and toes!

Perfect pictures!

and AMEN to being Content in this moment what ever and where ever it may be

what delightly little feet, painting toenails and little pink rolls. i'm amazed you got these pictures - we try everytime my 14 month old granddaughter visits, her little legs and feet seem to be always going, even when her body remains stationary :-) pondering the path is something i think about a lot. in a waking vision after my mother died, i saw myself now at the very front of the maternal line, walking the path before my daughters and granddaughter - a potent experience but a reality now. i have trust in the path, i feel safe on it, but also apprehensive and often times sorrowful as well as joyful and grateful. thank you, your words gave my path a little twist first thing this morning that is ever so delightful !!

Totally precious, and red-nails too!

precious piggies!

need to seriously catch up with all your amazing posts...

:) mary ann

Very cute! :)

Check out those chubby toe piggies... too cute

How did I miss these sweet and precious little baby feet?! When my grandson was an infant I took so many photos of his little hands, tiny fingers grasping or sweetly curled in sleep. These perfect little baby feet are truly miraculous!


These are completely adorable...I feel broodiness coming on!

Ouissi x

How SWEET!!! Sooooo Adorable and darling! The nail polish is like the icing on the cake! LOL

What delicious little feet...and so stylish at her tender age:> I do believe everything happens as it should, so there must be a reason. Whatever happens, even if it's counter to our expectations, leads us along on a unique path. There are so many variables...so many paths...so many parallel lives! There's beauty in accepting that things just work out. Having a hand to hold along the way makes it even better:>

Perfect rose-bud lips!! My Mom-in-law called our darling daughter's lips "rose-bud lips". While we lost our angel when she was 2 y.o. everytime I see a rose bud I see those sweet lips. Our babies do lead our path in so many ways!! Thank you, Corey, for the memory this morning.

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