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13 April 2006


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Forget you never.......
and I love forget me nots and your words. It is wonderful to get to know a little bit more about you!
Fabulous, nothing short of fabulous!
Love you
Sugar Plum!

You're a gem :) Thank you for being you. And I happy that you're healthy and all is well in your life.

i think you gave up on keeping it to yourself and for those who know you some of what you have shared with us in the blogworld today. i did lived in a monastery for a year or so, too. interesting to know...

Exquisite photo, lovely colours, lovely sentiments and yes, the power of prayer!

I am in love with this picture and what you wrote. Thank you for blessing me with your gifts. I too will never forget.

the forget me nots are a natural treat, just as your natural words are to me.
thank you!

Ohhhh, more details about you, they just spill out into the open sometimes... Thank you so much for sharing, can't wait to hear more...

I didn't give up anything for lent this year... and usually do. The past year has been difficult and amazing. I found my soul back- or am in the process. I think God understands and is smiling. The forget me nots will be blooming here soon.

Your comment about politics...
some of us (in this country) have to "look away" it's like watching a train wreck. :))

Corey, your posts are truly something to look forward to...your generosity of spirit touches people's lives more than you realise!

gorgeous post!!!!! you have had some adventures...as one that just turned 63...please don't look at 48 as old!!! Ha~L.

Wonderful photo. I like your honesty and outlook. Life's too short to give up too much.

Hey Corey -
The flowers are beautiful and of course make me smile. (I have a new photo too.)

I must ask, is Willows in northern or southern ca? I can imagine life with four brothers, yet somehow I wished I had more than just one. Well at least I've gained a brother in law and a larger family now...

you are so interesting :)

I never give anything up for lent - I don't really see where anything is gained by deprivation. Rather I try to consciously do something proactive during the lenten season. (Actually I just have no self control, so I made up my own rule to justify this self-failing - but don't tell anyone!)

Dear Corey,
This is a beautiful photo. I think you are beautiful too...your emails have made me laugh more than I have in years.

I like the idea of sunday scribbling...I am going to try.

i love it!

Thank you for sharing, always great to know more about the person behind an inspirational blog & photo is gorgeous never seen the flowers before :P

what a great post! I love the photos (are those forget-me-nots?) I love the little clusters with the white-tinged edging.

Do you mean to say you are a real flesh and blood, warts and all, PERSON? Unbelievable! It can't be true...! ahhh, but I guess it must be so. I still love ya, and your warts.


I am not the wizrad of oz behind the curtain...and I don't have warts...though I am going to get you my pretty and your little dog!! :o

P.S. Corey,
Did I tell you lately how wonderful you are and how happy I am that we have met and become friends?
Well, I'm tellin' you now!!
Big kisses and hugs to you, I'm happy you are here.
Now, one last thing, are those millinary or real?

Ooh. This is good but barely scratches the surface, I think.

The crowd cries, "More! More!"

How can you avoid Freinch while living in France? Do they let you get away with it? :)

That picture is so pretty! I love that color blue.

Hey! I grew up in Chico and Paradise California. Same neck of the woods.;)Samll world.

I also have to tell you that part of me has always wanted to live in a Monastery. Life took me down another path, but still. It is true.

I love this picture and to think the flowers are not real... but you are so very real to all of us.. thanks for
the beauty you give us !

Lovely post. Ditto Blog!
Gorgeous image.

Those are gorgeous flowers! You need not worry, Corey, I will not forget you!!

What a lovely blue...

Willows?! (We live in Davis.) Portugese?! Now you're barkin' up my tree... Liked your post.

I'm so glad to find your blog. Your photos are exquisite - and I'm eager to read more about your life! This post serves as a nice intro to you, for those of us who are new. Thanks for finding us!

Corey.... Esp.love this post.Beautiful photos and inspiring words as usual.~S~Your positive thoughts are so wonderful to read. Thanks...

This goes to prove that sometimes the fake is more beautiful than the real (almost). Since you're avoiding learning French, I'm tempted to post only in French....ahahaha!

Corey, je te trouve adorable.


How can we ever forget you Corey? You are such an inspiration to us all. Hugssss

thanks for visiting my blog. i grew up in Glendale but spent over twenty years in the Sacramento valley. My mother's father was portuguese

Your forget me nots may not be the real deal, but you sure are. Love the blueness and the way you describe who you are ... and I did not give up anything for Lent either. I think I have given up giving things up. (I did my painting tonight and now that I look at it...it has these blue dots all over it... and it is your forget me nots! Least that is how I will think of them. See what happens when I have your post to mull over all day?!!

hi corey, i'm not sure whether it's a matter of "technical difficulties" or i've done something wrong without realizing it, but i sent an e-mail and a comment to your blog today. neither has shown up or been responded to. are we ok?
with me, there are no sacred cows nor elephants in the room that cannot be discussed... so please let me know what's up when you feel ready. thanks and cheers! snowsparkle

Portuguese? Tell more, tell me more!

Now, about your email. I've been having problems with sending but not receiving emails. I will try to answer yours later.

Me again.
A monastery? What Order?
My girls used to be in a convent school, a Domenican one. Now they are not anymore because the quality went a little down because of some people and it was so pricy.

We have something in common Corey because I don't like ironing at all, so I never do it :D

Btw, these forget me nots look strange, I have some in my garden too, they are not in bloom yet, but when they bloom they look totally different!

These forget-me-knots are made out of porcelain. This bunch sits faithfully at the gravesite of someone I do not know at our locally cementery. I image they are as old as the date on the tombstone...1924. Maybe forget-me-nots were different then?

Thanks for sharing your "Real Life Story". I'm so glad that a miracle found you and saved your life for you have so much to give....

Corey you've been leading a very interesting life. I love the monastary part. Wow.

gorgeous photo!! you´re living a beautiful life!!!

"It is not length of life, but depth of life."

And what a beautiful and inspiring life :)

I've been away for awhile. Missed reading your blog!

that sounds like a great family life you have there... I came from a big family, too, and it's just wonderful. Too bad they are all in my home country. :(

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