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09 April 2006


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lovely! i like it esp. the color.

Well and he really has legs to run with!

this is a beautiful sunday thought... i love the image and the thoughtful words.

What a beautiful photograph! I love the composition - focusing on the feet and including the words makes your statement clear - and I love the warm tones of the bricks and coloration along the folds of the statue. I see from the caption that appears when I put my cursor on the image that this is a statue from Pompeii - even more perfect!

You are always, always thought provoking...you keep me on my toes with every post :)

That picture is just beautiful, all of your pictures so inspiring and just taking your breath away type pics. I love it!

breathtaking photo, I wish I had legs like that...

Love the words and the photograph. What an amazing statue! The compliment each other very well. Beautiful!

I don't mind standing as long as I can enjoy the view! Oh I'm off to my photo class soon. I'm hopiing I'll have lots to say once I get back! :)

I think, sometimes, we all should chose not to run the race and maybe just stand:)

You always take me on a thought provoking and sentimental journey with your thoughts and photographs!
Thanks for sharing!
Love you

This image pleases my soul and heart more than I understand. I know why it pleases my eyes...

The richness of the robes astounds me. Imagine carving all those folds and drapes!

It's a beautiful image. Thank you.

Excellent post.

Corey..This picture is so wonderful! I LOVE it! We are getting so much rain right now...and everywhere is flooding...I'm glad to live on top of a hill!

so exquisite with the draping folds and the legs half hidden...just like this truth. the quote is a zen koan ... speed is left to races not entered ... how is that possible and then... how is it not. running really doesn't help and the winner is?!! the one who chose to be still... and know what comes from that place. How wonderful to post this for me to find. treasure!

Time does not stand still....sometimes I wish it would... love your photo and your thoughts on Speed....beautiful....

In truth, I am not really a leg man...

i love this thought!

You are always so artistic. Wonderful photo and thoughts.

Sometimes we choose,
other times it's chosen for us.

Wonderful, wonderful.

Love the image, love the words.

Thanks, Corey.

I love the image of the roman statue. So old but still there. As if time had indeed stood still:)

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