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02 March 2006


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Ha ha yes I can imagine their shocked faces lol. Love the story! Sounds like something happening in a movie, but that this is a real life story makes it so much better!

Tongue in Cheek responds:
It was a set out of a movie alright! That contraption called a bicycle! Yann in the back trying to manage the big monster of a cake and getting creamed at every turn!
I was only good for licking bowls! When Chelsea was born she weighed 10lbs!! I tell you Cynthia's baked goods did it!


And I was imagining French husband arriving with a weddingcake 3rd tier on his head. I have an American friend who does the same thing in Florence. There must be a happy baker in every town in the world making these goodies :)

kim from skaneateles, ny

what a great story, I have a friend here that bakes cakes, she make amazing cakes...and BIG ones, I often wonder how she get them to their destinations, i'll have mention a bike..hahah, she'd kill me, she lives 8 miles down the lake!
I think that is really interesting that she brought brownies and chocolate chip cookies, etc. to paris, do they still have them, I had never heard that before, how cool:)


That story has me chuckling out loud...just imagining the faces of the bride and groom...and their mothers!!!!!!OI VAY!!!the mothers......


Ohhh what a delightful story and memory. I think the sight of Cynthia with an 8 month bun, is delightful! You should write a book Corey, of your tales, illustrated of course, with your photos!!!


What a good husband, anything for 10 grams of chocolate? I think you and I might share the same man!!

I love the line about the cake being the size of America. Very subtle, but a very strong visual...


What a hoot! But no photo to record this wild ride? I'd give you and Yann each 100 grams of chocolate if you could find one.

la vie en rose

this story makes me feel so happy!


What a cute, funny story! Thanks for including the photo so we could see what the coffin-on-wheels looks like!


LOL! What a funny story! Some men will do anything for chocolate won't they? ;o)


This was a cute story. It reminds of Alma who made a wedding cake one summertime in Willows. It was a very hot day and we had to take the cake to Orland. We set up the cake and left. When we arrived home there was a phone call; the wedding cake had fallen to the floor! There wasn't time to bake anymore cakes. We returned and picked up what fell-- Alma went to the store and bought styro-fome, we frosted it and re-arranged the cake and off we went. She never made another wedding cake after that! Our story isn't funny. Too much stress. The other wedding cake story, as people arrived to the reception the top of the cake fell to the floor with the cake top (the bride and groom) sliding across the floor. Can't remember who fixed that one, never seen anything like that again. It just proves we have to be ready for what live give us........


The images this conjures up inside one's mind! LOL


Love your stories Corey.

But did Yann enjoy his brownies?

Tongue in Cheek responds:

Yes!! Every last crumb and every drop of cream!


felicitations pour votre humour et votre sens artistique. Bravo continuez.

Shannon Lewis

Great story. Yann got a mine gold of payment for his help. 2 dozen brownies will be haunting me for the rest of the day now. I hope I can hold out!

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