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07 February 2006


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That is such a sweet story. It's such a comforting feeling when your parents are nearby to calm your fears. I miss my parents back in the US dearly.

This is just the sweetest story. I would say the same as D has...that it was a comfort to have parents to protect us as we grew up...such a sense of security...My own dear dad has been gone for awhile and now I have become the security for my mother...who is now very childlike in her mind.

How can one use so few words in a blog entry and say so much? This I wonder everytime I read your journal.


what a touching story...both yours and the story in the joseph. that's one of the blessings of being a parent.

oh me too! I had the most awful nightmares and when I think of them, they still send shivers up my spine. we are so alike, you and I !!
and I love the statue. I have been know to kill people for things like this *just joking* I collect them too. and that note ~ how precious that is. I often think when we read prayers, it is just like praying. so by reading that prayer, you have just sent a prayer to Heaven for that soldier. Do you ever wonder who he was?

Tongue in Cheek responds:
Robyn: I couldn't agree with you more, reading a prayer is saying a prayer- words have power and o do actions..that is why I folded the note and placed it back where it belong.

Lauren: I don't know, I never thought of that, I have never been one short of words!

Dawn and D: You know! The word "homesick" never is a childish word...sometimes home is the place we need.

Aww what a touching story! You're parents were so lovely and caring and that's what all parents should be like to their childs!

Oh Corey that's beautiful. You make such wonderful connections.

I love the note tucked inside the statue. *tears*

Bonjour! It was I who mentioned your lovely site to my French Chic sisters...I knew they would love it. Your photos are exquisite, and your prose is beautiful..since finding your site, all my days begin in a sweet, dreamy haze. I have a similar statue and your story of finding the note truly touched my heart and soul. Merci.

what a wonderful site to gaze and awe.i love france you are what it truly is about americans miss so much when they are there. i also loved pompei but i felt s much saddness while therekeep writing

It's amazing what haunts us as children - you had very loving and understanding parents. The statue is beautiful... could you take a full photograph of it for us?

That is such a sweet story. I always felt "safe" with my parents too. Something about knowing that if Daddy is around, everything is going to be okay. I still feel the same way, even as I am a mom now.

A lovely story, and how lucky you were (and still are!) to have such wonderful parents.

The sculpture and accompanying story are extremely moving, and so perfectly fit with your story.

It's so comforting to have one's parents nearby, as your story beautifully describes. The statue with the note folded inside is a lovely, heartfelt story. When I was in Worcester Cathedral, there was a prayer board on which we could post little notes for special prayer at the next prayer service.

This is very touching, Corey. I can see you being just like this with your own children, too ...

What beautiful stories of parental care. Yes. They are there to protect us from everything, and that's what they want to do. Simply beautiful.

Thanks for the sweet story.

Great take on this week's prompt. It is funny the kinds of memories that stick with us from so long ago.


i like your take on scribblings this week. i used to do the same thing. hope your dad is well.

big bear hug,

The down side is having monsters...the up side is having your dad watching out for you. The dialogue is realistic. I could almost hear a clear bell-like child's voice & a dad's low-pitched murmur. nice.

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