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18 February 2006


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oh Corey, why do you keep tantalizing me with these gorgeous things? lovely, just lovely. you lucky girl


Aaah...so lovely....such a face...

patty van dorin

What an interesting card. I love how the writing surrounds the entire surface around her...are the words protecting her or are they keeping her within bounds. Also why hasn't she gobbled down those lucious cherries?


Oh my what a lovely picture. So pretty and innocent. The color is just perfect. Thank you so much for sharing.



This one is gorgeous. Those ripe red cherries are a perfect contrast to the soft neutral background. And the word on her forearm... what does it say?


I like stuff from the 20 and 30's. Especially, old movies and stars. Such a glamorous time!


what a beautiful postcard. i have a love for old postcards, those found in flea markets, or placed between the pages of old books, forgotten.

and everytime i find myself a postcard that grabs me like this by the heart, i hold it in my hands, close my eyes and try to feel the moment it was written. maybe creating a story of my own in my mind. or maybe just letting a forgotten stranger know, that their words were not in vain at all...

lovely sweet this postcard is.



What a lovely way to describe this postcard. And I love the contrast of the cherries against the neutral background.

denise lombardozzi

precious new!


Sweet face, beautiful description, sweet Spring!

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