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19 February 2006


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What a treasure. I wish we still were taught to sign our names in such a beautiful manner...


This is lovely. So sweet...and touching. Thank you for sharing!


Oh I love the handwriting! So beautiful!

la vie en rose

what a wonderful and unexpected treasure. i used to do a lot of flower pressing when i was a kid. to this day we still find them smashed between pages.


I knew you would come up with something beautiful for this prompt. :)

Paris Parfait

Such a beautiful tribute to first love!


What a very lovely way to express your first love.


As usual Corey, you say so much but don't give anything away. I love the mystery of your words.

liz elayne

you have said so much in these few words. i can't help but one to know more, yet also i feel a bit content with this little, tiny glimpse.


That's a lovely image to go with your words. This post reminded me of a Galway Kinnell poem "Two set out on their journey" which included the words "..and if the ancestors have pressed a love note for us" (that's off the top of my head so I may not have it quite right)


So simple. So beautiful. So true.


What a lovely poem and warm tribute.


How beautiful. Simple, elegant, succint, poignant.

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