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When you come to France there are a few words you will need to know to find the places to buy antiques. Here are a few to put in your pocket:

Vide-Greniers - Is a flea market type fair where anything from toys, clothes and hidden treasures appear... where the locals empty out their attics. An attic sale is like a garage sale without the garage. Vide Greniers happen in most villages (once a year) since private garage sales are not allowed. Vide-Greniers take place on the street.
Usually is posted at the city hall or tourist office in most towns.

Marché aux Puces - Outdoor flea market. Before the rooster crows the fair starts, bring a flashlight. Usually they are held in a grocery store's parking lot, or some odd place like that. At the "Puces" you have a very good chance of finding something for nothing. I dig these.

Hyeres Saturday mornings starts at 4am ends at 1pm
Marseille Saturday mornings starts at 4am ends at 1pm

Trocante - A chain store that sale second-hand goods and antiques on comission. The stores are all over France. (Online too.) They sale anything and everything... even the kitchen sink. Trocante is my middle name. I have found some amazing things at these stores. Sure it is hit or miss, you never know what you are going to find. It changes daily and it is worth checking out.

Salle de Vente - Auction house. They set up a few days before so you can visit and see what they have. I am going tomorrow for the first time... wish me luck.

Enchères Achat, vente, échange d'objets neufs et d'occasion -
Auctions to buy and sale, old and new.

Brocante - A fair that is better than a flea market but not as chic as an antique fair. On any given Sunday in France there are probably over a couple hundred happening. If you go to one you will not leave with empty hands. See why I LOVE France so much?
We speak the same language...B-R-O-C-A-N-T-E!

Vanves in Paris Saturday mornings 5am until noon
Avignon Saturday mornings 6am until noon
Isle sur la Sorgue Sunday mornings 6 am until nightfall.

Belle Brocante - Like a brocante, though the main color of the furniture is brown (read: walnut wood) and usually pieces from the turn of the century. Since I like original painted furniture, and things that are not so Belle Brocante looking I usually pass these by.... A belle brocante is held indoors, over a long weekend. Posted at the city hall or tourist office.

Salon des Antiquaires - Professional dealers set up at this type of an antique fair. The "Salon" is set up in advance and is often located at a fair ground. They take place a couple times a year. An entrance fee is charged.

Journée marchande des Antiquaires - The cream of the cream of antique fairs. A very large gathering of (500 to 1,200) international antique dealers plus buyers from all over the world, several times a year, mainly in the south of France. This is the best place to buy, pure heaven.

----Other French terms regarding antiques:

- Les Objets De La Maison - Household items

- Les Bonnes Adresses - A good address to buy.

- Foires Grandes Manifestations - Large Fair.

For more information click on my ABOUT page and then click on Antique fairs in France. A complete list of fairs throughout the year in France is listed.

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