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  • Bonjour! Welcome to Tongue in Cheek Antiques. Each and every weekend many brocantes (antique markets) take place in France. In the twenty some years that I have lived here I have gone to more brocantes than my cupboards can bear to hold. Hence Tongue in Cheek Antiques was created. The items on this blog are old. They might not be in perfect condition. Antiques vary in size, color, shape, no two items are exactly alike. The price listed on each item includes postage anywhere in the world. Postage can take two to six weeks before delivery. Returns are not accepted. Refunds are possible if an item is damaged due to postage factors- The item must be returned at your cost. If there is something from the French Brocante that you are looking for please let me know and I'll try to find it for you. All photos on this site belong to Corey Amaro. Do not reproduce without my permission. Copyright 2010-2013
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