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Bonjour-Welcome to Tongue in Cheek Antiques!

I am American who has lived in France for nearly 25 years. My husband is French, and when we met, at I-BEAM, (a dance club,) in San Francisco, he spoke several words in English and I spoke three words in French; moi, beaucoup-bucks and oh-la-la.
L'Amour followed!

When I arrived in France, French husband had a tiny apartment. Without any "feather-fluff!" That is how my flea market passion started, transforming our tiny apartment into a nest.

This blog was created on a dare, November 29th 2005, after having lunch with fellow blogger Kristen, "French Word A Day." Kristen, daringly, encouraged me to write about my, (as she called it;) "Tongue in Cheek," collection of French flea market finds.

My tales are woven from my experiences of living and loving France. Mostly stories collected at the, marché aux puces, (flea market,) in the south of France. Tales of linens, letters, vintage scraps, and moments of these worn true objects whispering in my ear. is too short to say no...
I left a beautiful country on a yes for love...
love has lessons that nothing better can give

A leap of faith has given me many adventures- most I never dreamt possible!

Dare to be yourself, there is nothing better to be!

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Corey Amaro